Biden’s Favorability Hits All Time Low

( — According to a CNN poll, President Joe Biden’s favorability has dropped eight points in six months, and is currently the lowest it’s ever been during his time in office. Biden’s favorability was much higher during his first few months in office, resting at around fifty-nine percent.

Following the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his various inflation-fueling policies, Biden’s approval now sits at an abysmal 32 percent. Biden’s latest eight-point drop is likely related to the ongoing scandals that his administration is embroiled in, including allegations of a family bribery scheme whilst he was still serving as the Vice President to Barack Obama. While the House Oversight Committee is actively investigating the bribery scheme allegations, any legal ramifications seems unlikely as the FBI had information related to the claims for years and never acted upon them.

Biden’s declining approval rating isn’t all that unexpected, given how inflation reached a forty-year high during his tenure. The President’s plummeting approval rating has raised questions about whether another candidate may run for election in 2024, with many citizens believing that Robert F. Kennedy is a viable challenger for Biden’s nomination. Kennedy has done well in recent polls, outperforming both Biden and Donald Trump. Kennedy has also pushed for a chance to debate Biden alongside other candidates in a Democratic Primary, although such an event is incredibly unlikely to happen.

Although he performed well in polls against other candidates, Kennedy’s campaign is facing an uphill battle to gain support. Despite only fifty four percent of Democrats supporting Joe Biden, only fourteen percent actively support Kennedy. Although Kennedy is the only Democrat openly trying to challenge Biden, other Democrats may run as well, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom. Regardless of this speculation Joe Biden will probably be the Democratic candidate for the 2024 election, and he’ll likely have to defeat former President Donald Trump to secure re-election.

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