Biden’s Green Energy Equals Reliance on China

( – China is one of the most threatening adversaries to the United States in the current era. However, it is also the largest source of many naturally occurring minerals and elements that are used in an ever-widening array of technologies that Americans depend on daily. The Biden Administration is pushing its green energy policies in a way that increases reliance on the Communist superpower and brings the state of national security into question.

Americans love cell phones, computers and the fully charged batteries that power them. Certain cables are required for access to a speedy internet so that people and thriving businesses can communicate and remain connected and available at all times. All military branches are developing the latest weapons systems, radar capabilities and guided missiles. And what is the common thread amongst it all? The answer is in minerals such as cobalt and lithium, mined from deep within the earth’s caverns. Without access to them, digital and military inventions would stall. The issue raising concern is that most of those minerals are currently made available to the world economy by mining industries based solely within China.

President Biden’s green policies include a major push to curb the use of cars relying on gasoline and fossil fuels, opting for tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs) and support for renewable energy sources. In fact, during his presidential campaign, Biden promised to eventually end the use of fossil fuels, rolling out a stairstep approach to cut the use of gas-powered cars and traditional energy sources in half by 2030.

Production and sharply increased demands for EVs and non-nuclear energy means a ballooning need for cobalt and lithium, among other rare minerals, and a critical level of dependency on China.

According to a report completed by the Institute for Energy Research (IER), there are untapped rare minerals and oil just below American soil. Biden has recently released plans to make use of domestic resources.

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