Biden’s Health Under Scrutiny More Than Ever Before

( — President Biden is facing heavy scrutiny from members of both major US political parties, with many officials and citizens alike wondering if the current president can effectively serve the nation moving forward. Biden’s been under increased pressure due to his nasty fall during the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, in which the president needed help from multiple service members to get back up. Biden played off the fall as a joke, but it’s another example of the current US president’s declining health being on public display. Biden has been consistently getting worse during the course of his time in office, which is hardly a surprise given his status as the oldest US president throughout history. Despite these valid concerns about Biden’s ability to function as the chief executive, it seems as though he’ll be the only Democratic candidate for the 2024 election. Biden is set to campaign against popular Republicans DeSantis, Trump, and Pence, with his health likely being a major topic in any potential debates that Biden takes part in.

Biden’s declining health is even being featured in some mainstream media outlets, such as the Washington Post. Typically in the past mainstream media outlets have neglected to cover Biden’s various mistakes and falls, a trend that is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain given how frequently he messes up in public. Biden was even granted a nearly clean bill of health, but the doctor responsible notably refused any questions pertaining to Biden’s mental capabilities.

Biden’s health is under the most scrutiny it has ever been, and will likely be a major factor in his attempt at winning re-election next year. Following his fall at the graduation ceremony, Biden’s future public appearances will likely be under a microscope and heavily monitored by members of both major political parties. While it’s not yet clear who Biden will be running against in the upcoming election, it seems highly likely that Biden will have to defend his own ability to function and serve, as well as the policies that he hopes to implement.

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