Biden’s Speech Fact Checked As Only “Mostly True”

( — President Joe Biden was recently fact checked by Politico, following his speech pertaining to LGTBQ pride month. Biden was fact checked over his claim that gay people could get married in the morning, and be thrown out of a restaurant for their orientation later that same day. The claim was marked as “mostly true” by Politico, but Biden is being heavily scrutinized for his bizarre “fact.”

This isn’t the first time Biden has made such a claim, as he brought up in December 2022. While the legitimacy of the fact is questionable to many, it was marked mostly true due to the fact that 22 states don’t have anti-discrimination laws based on orientation. While Biden will likely bring up the strange “fact” sometime in the coming weeks in another pride related event, it’s not the only bizarre claim that has caused him to be fact checked in recent weeks.

One such incident occurred when Biden mistakenly claimed that his oldest son Beau, who died tragically from cancer, had lost his life while serving overseas in Iraq. Biden had made such a claim on numerous occasions, but was proven false by multiple media organizations. Beau didn’t die in Iraq, but rather at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

While Biden has since corrected himself and acknowledged that his oldest son died from brain cancer, he had made the false claim regarding Iraq in multiple public appearances, including one where he spoke directly to marines ahead of the G2 Summit in Japan. The false claim ended up drawing plenty of scrutiny to Biden, as many citizens felt as though his mental state was in decline.

A recent poll has indicated that around six in ten Americans are concerned with Biden’s mental fitness, and that his mental health will affect his ability to run the country. Such a concern has been echoed in various attack ads, including some released by the Trump campaign, and could end up causing Biden to lose support ahead of his re-election bid. Despite the growing national concerns regarding his mental health, Joe Biden has remained adamant that he will be running again in 2024.

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