Bishop Strickland Launches New YouTube Channel 

( — Controversial conservative Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland started a new YouTube channel on November 28. He says this will be different from his regular program, The Bishop Strickland Show, because it will consist of “shorter segments” that will be more accessible to different groups of people.

His longer show is part of the programming hosted by Virgin Most Powerful Internet Radio and runs for about an hour. So far, his new YouTube channel only has two videos, both under 10 minutes. Bishop Strickland has indicated that he hopes people will engage with these shorter videos by selecting topics they find interesting and using them as a way to engage with their faith.

Bishop Strickland was removed from his position in the church by Pope Francis on November 11, 2023. He has been critical of the new Pope for many years, saying that the Pope is engaged in a “program of undermining the Deposit of Faith.” He has also expressed disagreement with the Pope on issues of same-sex civil unions. Strickland has also endorsed the message that one cannot be Catholic and also a Democrat. He has referred to President Joe Biden as evil, and he has criticized vaccines that he says contain the remnants of aborted fetuses.

The Vatican investigated Bishop Strickland regarding complaints about how he was running his diocese and suggestions that he was making unorthodox claims. Strickland claims that one of the reasons he was under fire was that he refused to comply with Pope Francis’ 2021 restrictions on celebrating Latin Mass. It is more common for a bishop to resign than to be removed, but Bishop Strickland refused to do so.

Since then, he has not slowed in his dedication to the faith and has urged Catholics to be more faithful than ever and not allow his own dismissal by the Vatican to prevent them from living “faithfully and vibrantly and joyful” while remaining members of the Catholic church. His weekly show and his new YouTube channel indicate that Bishop Strickland is not abdicating his calling.

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