Body of Missing Woman Discovered in Husband’s Storage Unit

( — Authorities found a missing woman’s body in her husband’s storage unit. According to the police, the deceased woman and her husband were estranged and weren’t speaking before her disappearance. Police are investigating the woman’s death as a homicide.

Cops found Shakeira Yvonne Rucker in a storage locker owned by her estranged husband, Cory Hill, after receiving a report about a bizarre smell. Police were searching an area close to Bob White Airfield when an unnamed person called from Self Storage and reported an odd smell from one of the storage units. After searching the storage locker, authorities found Rucker’s body.

According to the police, Rucker seemingly died from gunshot wounds, but the official cause of death is unknown. An autopsy is currently underway to determine Rucker’s cause of death. Officials from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department spoke about the discovery and claimed that Cory Hill was a prime suspect in Rucker’s disappearance and death. Authorities also claim that Hill is not cooperating with the investigation.

Hill is already in police custody for multiple counts of attempted homicide for allegedly shooting at his former girlfriend and her family. Authorities claim that Hill drove to the home of his former girlfriend and shot at her and her cousin. After the two retreated into the house and hid in a bathroom, Hill broke into the house using a window but left before harming them further.

Rucker went missing the day before the shooting, and her family claims she spent time with Hill shortly before her disappearance. According to Police Chief Matthew Tracht of Winter Springs, the search for Rucker took multiple days and spanned four different counties. After finding Rucker’s body in Hill’s storage unit, authorities spoke with Hill about Rucker’s disappearance. Hill denied any involvement and refused to discuss either case against him.

Authorities will charge Hill with Rucker’s death once an autopsy is complete and are currently collecting evidence for the case against Hill. Hill isn’t speaking about the shooting or Rucker’s disappearance and will likely remain in custody for the foreseeable future.

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