Border Patrol Still Unresolved, GOP Attempts New Policy Package

( — Border patrol issues on the south side of Texas are a major concern for Congress as Central American and Mexican families flee from economic hardships and violence in their home countries. There are hundreds of thousands of migrants, including many children who are without their parents.

Waves of people are seeking better lives in the United States, but they face intense danger throughout their journeys. Often, they fall prey to people taking advantage of their risky situations. Human trafficking, kidnappings, assaults of all kinds and robberies are just a few of the crimes they face.

Border security officials have to deal with overcrowding and language barriers, frustration and helplessness. Confusing American border patrol policies have not aided the situation.

A large part of the policy problem could be the way that border patrol and immigration are handled by two different committees. Border patrol falls under the realm of the Homeland Security Committee, while immigration is under the jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee.

Republican Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green reports that his party has put together a border patrol package to end the mass migration crisis. The Border Reinforcement Act of 2023 took two years to draft. GOP members settled on the terms of the Act after discussing solutions with those who work at the border on a regular basis. They also consulted with ranchers and farmers whose land is often the location of conflict with migrants.

Homeland Security Committee aides reveal that the GOP Border Act was actually created to complement the Judiciary’s new Border Security and Enforcement Act. Once the two bills are merged, Homeland Security will review everything and make recommendations to the Biden Administration.

With the two committees working together, there is hope for a lasting strategy. Beyond finding a way to logistically handle the migration, all parties are concerned with the illegal Fentanyl drug crisis, intermingled as drug cartels exploit the migrants and their unfortunate situations.

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