Car Thefts Are Up, Democrats Blame Car Manufacturers

( — Ever wonder who is at fault if someone steals your car? An easy, common-sense guess would be the thief, of course. Several Democrats’ suggestion would be the car manufacturer.

Car thefts are up these days, reaching their highest levels in 15 years. National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics show that criminals are hardly deterred from stealing cars because the consequences are similar to those of shoplifting. Car theft is a mere crime against property, so… why not?

Democrats have decided that the landing ground for blame falls to the car manufacturers. Specifically, Kia and Hyundai are taking the heat for making their cars too easy to steal.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, reports show an 840% jump in car thefts in 2022. St. Paul was close behind with a 600% increase. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is actively investigating whether Kia and Hyundai have omitted anti-theft technologies on their cars.

California comes in at the top of the list for vehicle thefts. Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta blames the same two companies for their lack of anti-theft immobilizers. Joined by 22 other attorneys of like-minded opinion, Bonta penned a letter to the car makers reprimanding them for such an omission, bemoaning other crimes that are committed as thieves steal cars.

Easy theft leads to more crime and more victims, according to Bonta. He called for car makers to take responsibility for their hand in the problem. Bonta says they have a duty to shrink the theft numbers with a recall of current models, and to make new cars more difficult to steal.

Catalytic converters are another piece of the car crime puzzle. Democratic California Councilwoman Nithya Raman names Toyota as a culprit in the wave of theft. Raman singles out the Prius and its catalytic converter, which she suggests is also too easy to remove.

At no point in the Democratic rumblings has anyone pondered the thought that the increasing criminal trend may have roots deeper than convenience.

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