CCP Link Is Quietly Funding Ron DeSantis’ Rise

( — It’s recently come out that a host for a Ron DeSantis presidential campaign fundraiser, Marc Lampkin, has ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Lampkin is a lobbyist for the Moderna vaccine, and has represented Chinese-owned semiconductor company Fujian Jinhua, sparking claims that Lampkin represents “globalist” interests. Trump has already taken shots at DeSantis, claiming that he wasn’t surprised that DeSantis would answer to the whims of foreign interests and using the insulting “DeSanctimonious” nickname. Trump also claimed that DeSantis accepting the lobbyist’s support is “selling out” and that DeSantis doesn’t hold the best interests of the people at heart. The comments come during the midst of a bitter feud between the two 2024 presidential candidates, which has unfolded since DeSantis began preparing his presidential bid. Trump and DeSantis have constantly bashed each other on social media, seemingly in an effort to reduce the other’s likelihood of success come primary season.

Trump’s comments about DeSantis don’t seem to hold much weight, as in May 2023 DeSantis passed legislation within his state that limits the potential influence of the Chinese Communist Party within Florida. Three bills were passed in an effort to prevent foreign influence, as they limit the Chinese Communist Party’s ability to purchase land for agriculture or within proximity to military installations and key infrastructure. While one of the hosts for DeSantis’ fundraisers does have ties to China, it would seem as though there isn’t actual foreign influence like Trump has suggested.

Trump’s comments aren’t too surprising however, as the two Republicans are currently engaged in an active feud that will likely remain at the forefront of the 2024 primary season. Trump and DeSantis have consistently taken to various media outlets and interviews to talk about one another in a negative light. The feud comes as a bit of a surprise as the two were actively supporting one another earlier this year, with the hostility not beginning until DeSantis announced his intention to run for president. While Trump is still the most popular Republican candidate ahead of the 2024 primaries, DeSantis will likely be a key contender in the race for the Republican nomination.

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