Charles Barkley’s Vow To Harm Black Trump Supporters Is Met With Pushback

( — World-famous NBA icon Charles Barkley recently claimed he would attack black Americans who support Donald Trump, prompting heavy criticism from social media users. Barkley made his bizarre claim when responding to comments from former President Trump, in which Trump said that black Americans empathize with him due to his ongoing struggle with the American criminal justice system. Barkley blasted Trump for his statement regarding black supporters and threatened to punch black people who own Trump memorabilia.

Shortly after Barkley’s controversial threat, co-host Gayle King attempted to downplay the statement, to which Barkley responded that he meant the threat “sincerely.” The NBA icon then said that even if authorities arrested him for assaulting black Trump supporters, he’d pay to leave jail and then host a celebration for his arrest. Despite Barkley’s threats, many black Trump supporters immediately issued challenges to the NBA legend, asking him to try to assault them.

One of the people who responded to Barkley’s threats was United States military veteran and Representative Wesley Hunt (R-Texas), who invited Barkley to try to punch him in the face. Conservative radio personality Larry Elder also commented on Barkley’s threat, claiming that Barkley openly admitted to wanting to assault other citizens. Other commenters shared pictures of their Trump merchandise and tagged Barkley, insulting the celebrity and inviting him to fulfill his threat.

Despite Barkley’s claims that black people overwhelmingly support President Joe Biden, statistics indicate growing support for Donald Trump among all minority demographics. According to a recent poll from the New York Times, more than 20% of black Americans plan to vote for Trump in the 2024 presidential election. Such an outcome would mark the first time in decades that a Republican candidate received such a large number of votes from black Americans.

Trump is also gaining traction with younger voters and black Americans, indicating Biden’s loss of support in critical demographics, which helped him win the 2020 presidential election. A large number of young voters have shared doubts about President Biden’s handling of the country, with some claiming they don’t intend to vote for or support the Democratic Party in 2024. Despite the evidence of his declining popularity among key Democratic demographics, Biden remains adamant that he’ll win the 2024 presidential election and serve a second term.

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