China Increases Military Presence Near Taiwan

( — According to Taiwanese officials, China is increasing its military presence at a coastal base near the island nation, raising concerns that a potential invasion is imminent. Taiwan claims that China is sending numerous military planes into its airspace and is drastically increasing its drone production for an undisclosed reason. Taiwan is bolstering its military defenses in response.

Still, in the event of a full-scale invasion, it seems unlikely that Taiwan would successfully mount a defense against a Chinese attack. The United States is one of Taiwan’s most significant supporters, with President Joe Biden claiming that in the event of an invasion, the United States will protect its sovereignty and intervene. Biden’s claims are alarming to many citizens and officials, who feel Taiwan will be at the center of an impending global conflict between the two nations. China denies any intention to invade Taiwan, although the ongoing military drills and deployments into the region surrounding Taiwan indicate further action might be coming soon.

Taiwan isn’t just accusing China of increasing its military presence in the region; it also says China is interfering in Taiwan’s elections. According to William Lai, Taiwan’s vice president and potential future president, China is attempting to subvert the upcoming election by influencing Taiwan’s economy and agricultural industry. China denies any intentional influence on Taiwan’s political system. Still, China wields immense influence in the region and could have an extreme impact on the island nation if it wanted to. Such an outcome concerns many, as China could dismantle Taiwan’s democratic process and install a different regime with enough election interference.

China’s ongoing military drills are raising alarms, especially after China and Russia performed a joint naval operation near Alaska months ago. The United States Navy immediately responded to the presence of military ships from the two nations with multiple destroyers, sparking fears that a potential conflict might begin. After the international incident, China and Russia quickly withdrew from the region and avoided crossing into U.S. territory. China is denying any intention to invade Taiwan but will likely continue deploying troops in the area as a show of force.

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