China Is Buying American Land Near Military Bases

( — China–a common theme in many domestic and international concerns facing the United States. China is one of America’s largest and most dangerous adversaries. But China is on the other side of the world, right?

Actually, China has been purchasing American land near key military bases. Measured by air, the shortest distance from America to China’s mainland is 7058 miles. However, with these land acquisitions, the Communist nation is not a world away. China is in the building.

Department of Agriculture records show that China owned just under 70,000 acres of American farmland in 2011. Those holdings increased to 383,935 acres by 2021.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) investigates land purchases by foreign investors. It is comprised of executive department leaders including Homeland Security and Defense.

House Republicans recently urged CFIUS to act on Chinese land purchases due to their proximity to American military bases, especially after the Biden Administration allowed Chinese spy balloons to drift over many states.

The Fufeng Group is a Chinese agricultural company with direct connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Fufeng cited plans to build a corn mill and purchased 370 acres of land near North Dakota’s Grand Forks Air Force Base. The Air Force sounded the alert to CFIUS, highlighting threats to national security, but CFIUS was slow to act. The local city council was able to vote down the project.

Similarly in Texas, a former captain in China’s army acquired 140,000 acres of land near Laughlin Air Force Base where American pilots train. Texas lawmakers ended his wind farm project due to national security concerns.

The GOP and the Air Force continue to put pressure on President Biden and CFIUS to address the situation as China displays its presence in its secret police stations, investments in South and Central American infrastructures, Middle Eastern peace negotiations, green energy policies, and now… the purchase of American land.

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