China Is in the House, Two Secret Police Arrested

( – China is making headlines all over the world. The Communist giant is threatening Taiwan and brokering peace in Middle Eastern countries. It has the market cornered on mining operations for rare earth minerals and metals used in products that push green energy, a soapbox point for President Biden.

Mexican drug cartels import raw materials and machines from China, used in manufacturing Fentanyl. Once the illegal drug is smuggled across the American border, it fuels the nation’s drug crisis.

Gaining a solid foothold in the Western Hemisphere, China has also made significant investments in Central and South American countries. By rebuilding their post-covid economies and breaking ground for Chinese-designed physical and technological infrastructures, China has set up camp at America’s backdoor.

But actually, China is already in the house. ​​

Like a scene from a spy movie, the FBI has discovered and shut down a hidden Chinese police station in Manhattan, New York. Arresting two supposed operatives, the FBI hinted this unsettling revelation is just the beginning.

Clearly illegal, the Chinese police stations are tucked into unsuspecting corners of American cities. The Manhattan location was positioned above a noodle restaurant in Chinatown. Officials know of others in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and undisclosed cities in Minnesota and Nebraska.

Republican lawmakers are calling for the Biden Administration to take action, find and eliminate all secret stations.

China organized these entities through its United Front Work Department (UFWD). The Chinese government tasks the UFWD with spying on Chinese citizens living in other countries, especially regarding religious and ethnic affairs. One report suggests there are at least 100 similar organizations worldwide.

Often disguising themselves as non-profit organizations, the UFWD stations blend in by appearing legitimately involved in the surrounding community. For instance, the Manhattan station was listed as the America ChangLe Association NY, Inc., and played host to a fancy dinner that headlined Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

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