Chris Christie Blasts Trump For Ukraine War Comments

( — Former New Jersey Governor and GOP Presidential hopeful Chris Christie has publicly blasted Donald Trump yet again, this time in relation to comments Trump made about ending the war in Ukraine in just twenty-four hours. Christie slammed Trump for the remarks and stated that Trump would give Russian President Vladimir Putin whatever he wanted, rather than reach an amicable agreement between the two nations.

Christie went on to criticize Trump in other areas, including Trump’s failure to deliver on campaign promises, and the uncompleted border wall project. Christie also brought up the trillions of dollars added to the national debt under Trump’s leadership. While Christie has repeatedly blasted Trump on various news sites and public appearances, Trump still maintains a strong lead ahead of other Republican candidates for next year’s election. From the current list of GOP candidates, Christie performs the worst in polling. Christie isn’t just unpopular in national polls either, but in local ones as well.

Christie recently responded to his poor polling performances in a Fox News appearance, where he was asked about his real intention of running in 2024. Over seventy percent of voters stated they would not consider voting for Christie, raising questions about why he’s attempting to run in the first place. When asked if he truly meant to win or just spoil the race for Trump, Christie reiterated his intention to win and that the American people want “truth.” Christie went on to call Trump a snake oil salesman, stating that people were tired of candidates who fail to uphold the promises made during campaigns. Although Christie’s support has grown slightly, he still only has around four percent of Republican voters’ support.

Christie’s decision to publicly criticize Trump is hardly a surprise, as it’s been his foremost campaign strategy for weeks. Christie has even claimed that many Republicans are concerned that Trump can’t beat Biden should the two face off in next year’s election, despite polling that indicates Trump is the more popular of the two candidates. Despite his best efforts, Christie is unlikely to gain traction ahead of the primary season, and Trump will probably be the Republican nominee for next year’s election.

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