CIA Official Denies “Russian Disinformation” About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

( — A CIA official recently denied that the agency had any evidence that Hunter Biden’s laptop, a major scandal that broke out in the midst of the 2020 presidential election, was “Russian disinformation.” The revelation seemingly defies the original stance of the agency, as 51 members of the CIA including former CIA Director John Brennan wrote an official letter claiming the laptop had all the typical evidence of a Russian disinformation operation. The decision to release the letter came at the height of the Hunter Biden scandal, and seemingly prevented the detrimental impact that would have occurred if the scandal was confirmed to be true. The infamous laptop story has been developing over the past few years, but now it seems that even the officials who originally denied its validity are changing their stance.

Hunter Biden is a constant source of controversy for the White House. The son of current President Joe Biden is frequently making headlines across the country for various reasons, including the possibility of federal charges or his business associates dealings with members of the Biden family. While the ongoing investigation into the Hunter Biden laptop story isn’t a surprise, it does reveal that the Biden 2020 election campaign’s biggest defense wasn’t entirely truthful. Whether or not the officials responsible in investigating the laptop before the election’s end knew is unknown, but it seems as though members of the investigating body are now distancing themselves from their official view just years later.

Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t the only topic related to Joe Biden’s son that’s currently being investigated, with Hunter Biden’s tax affairs also being under federal investigation. Among the reasons for this investigation are alleged ties to China, and ongoing accusation that the Biden administration vehemently denies when it’s a topic in national discussion. Whether or not Hunter Biden had any unofficial business dealings with China remains unclear, but it is clear that the controversies surrounding the younger Biden are far from over.

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