College Football Player’s Cellphone Stops a Bullet and Saves His Life

( — On November 29th, a young man’s life was saved by his cell phone. The 20-year-old Amarion Brown, who is slated to play college football at Rutgers, was walking back to his father’s home in Port Salerno, Florida, late at night when an unidentified gunman fired at him from a car. He was hit by a bullet in the thigh, as well as the finger of the hand he was using to hold the cell phone he was using. That bullet smashed into his phone, which may be the only reason the attack was not fatal. Martin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Budensiek says that the shooting was “inches from a homicide case.”

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for the perpetrator and believes there may have been more people in the car at the time of the shooting. Brown has no criminal history, and it is currently unknown if the attack was targeting him specifically or if it was a random occurrence. Local residents like Ralph Terrell describe the area as a quiet one where people look out for each other.

The victim’s family says that Brown has had surgery for his injuries and has hope that he will make a full recovery. Chief Deputy Budensiek commented that he doesn’t know if the injuries will prove to be career-ending for the former high school star receiver.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has asked that anyone with knowledge of the drive-by shooting should contact them. The assailant was using a high-powered rifle from the passenger side of a dark sedan. While Brown was walking from the Step in Food convenience store back to his father’s home, the shooting took place closer to his father’s home. Surveillance footage of the vehicle was captured on a nearby Ring camera and has been released to the public. One of Brown’s friends, Dominick Victor, expressed shock at the violent attack on his friend, stating that it didn’t seem real.

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