Convicted Human Trafficker Could Profit From the Jeffrey Epstein Connection

( — Convicted human trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is planning to release a tell-all book, much to the disappointment of prominent attorney Kate Mangels. According to Mangels, a partner from a prominent Los Angeles law firm, Epstein’s victims won’t receive any proceeds from Maxwell’s book, allowing her to keep the work’s profits. Maxwell reportedly began working on a memoir to dispel rumors about her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and fight against “disinformation” about her involvement in his human trafficking activities.

A jury convicted Maxwell of trafficking women and underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein so that the deceased financier could abuse them. Despite the overwhelming evidence of her involvement with Epstein, including witness testimony, Maxwell maintains her innocence and denies any involvement in the infamous Epstein’s Island scandal. After being found guilty, a judge sentenced Maxwell to 20 years in federal prison. Despite Maxwell being the only accomplice charged alongside Epstein, many online commenters and news outlets claim that other influential people took part in Epstein’s human trafficking ring.

Mangel said that according to United States law, Maxwell can keep the profits from her tell-all memoir in a decision that contradicts prior court rulings regarding other infamous criminals’ attempts at profiting from their crimes. One such instance occurred when David Berkowitz, the serial killer known as the Son of Sam, attempted to write his memoir about his various murders. The New York state legislature passed the Son of Sam law, preventing criminals from profiting off books about their crimes. Despite the New York legislature’s attempt at preventing criminals from profiting off of their stories, many states have found laws like the Son of Sam law in violation of the First Amendment.

Mangels also referred to various states’ laws that require criminals to inform victims about any books or movies depicting their crimes, which don’t prevent criminals from profiting from the works. Maxwell’s book comes as Judge Loretta Preska released documents revealing the names of Epstein’s associates, which included former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

Maxwell also faces a lawsuit from Virginia Giuffre, who claims Maxwell and Epstein victimized her during the human trafficking scandal. Although Maxwell maintains her innocence and plans to explain her involvement in the scandal through her tell-all memoir, the disgraced New York socialite will remain in prison for the next 20 years.

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