Convicted Thief Gets Massive Sentence For Ripping Off The Elderly

( — Following an extensive legal battle, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld a 65-year sentence for a former nurse’s aide who stole from elderly citizens in a variety of locations. According to reports, 62-year-old Susan Gwynne stole jewelry and other valuables from elderly patients living in assisted living facilities and standard nursing homes, resulting in 101 charges being brought against the former nurse’s aid. Gwynne pleaded guilty to 46 charges, including theft and receiving stolen property, and will spend 65 years in prison for her crimes against the elderly.

Gwynne admitted to starting her thefts in 2004 to fuel her drug habit, and she continued stealing until authorities caught her in 2016. At one point, Gwynee’s employers fired her from her position as a nurse’s aide, but the string of thefts continued after she lost employment. Gwynne admitted to using her nurse uniform to sneak into facilities after being terminated, escalating her crime from theft to burglary. Upon investigating Gwynne’s home, authorities found thousands of stolen items, prompting police to arrest Gwynne for theft and burglary.

Gwynne’s case featured a complex development, with Gwynne appealing multiple times and different courts reversing prior courts’ rulings regarding Gwynne’s crimes. The Fifth District Court of Appeals reversed Gwynne’s massive sentence in 2017 and recommended a 15-year sentence. Following the initial appeal, the Ohio Supreme Court considered Gwynne’s case in 2019, reversing the decision and forcing the lower court to reconsider.

Following this reversal, the court upheld the 65-year term, prompting another appeal by Gwynne. The Ohio Supreme Court heard the case again, deciding that the 65-year term will stand. Gwynne can still appeal to the United States Supreme Court but will likely fail to lower her sentence due to her confession regarding the decade of thefts from the elderly. Gwynne’s team argues the older woman’s status as an elderly citizen and first-time offender should result in a shorter prison term, but so far, courts haven’t been convinced. Without an appeal, Gwynne will spend 65 years in prison, as she faces multiple consecutive sentences.

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