Crowd at South Carolina-Clemson Game Jeered Donald Trump

( — Former President Donald Trump recently attended a South Carolina football game and received both cheers and boos from the crowd. Although Trump received supportive chants from the crowd upon his arrival, other crowd members began booing the former president. Despite videos of the crowd’s reaction to Trump’s arrival going viral, Trump failed to address the mixed response when discussing the game on Truth Social, his social media app.

According to Trump, the crowd met him with overwhelming support upon arriving at the South Carolina game. Trump shared various articles and videos, which indicated a mostly positive response from the crowd, with one of the articles describing a “hero’s welcome” for the former president. Despite Trump’s posts, other videos of the incident feature heavy booing from the crowd during Trump’s initial arrival on the football field.

Trump attended the football game after being invited by South Carolina’s Governor Henry McMaster. McMaster succeeded Nikki Haley, one of Trump’s fellow GOP presidential candidates, after the former president selected her as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. In the posts shared by Trump, the former president claims to receive overwhelming support from Haley’s home state.

Although members of the crowd booed Trump upon his arrival, Trump is the most popular Republican presidential candidate in South Carolina in the 2024 election cycle. Trump outperforms other Republicans, including Haley, in polls throughout the country. Trump also received more support in South Carolina than President Joe Biden in the 2020 election and remains the most popular presidential candidate in the southern state.

Other politicians commented on Trump’s visit to South Carolina, claiming the former president attended the football game due to concerns about Nikki Haley’s popularity in her home state. Former Representative Carlos Curbelo states that Trump is worried about Haley’s growing popularity among conservative voters due to her rising popularity nationwide.

Haley is polling in second place in Iowa and New Hampshire, two key battleground states. Haley is outperforming other candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy, with some considering her the best possible alternative to another Donald Trump nomination. Despite Haley’s surge in popularity, she still faces an uphill battle to secure the Republican Party’s nomination from Donald Trump.

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