Debt Ceiling Looms, Biden Sends Money To Transgender Pakistani Youth

( — The United States, piloted by the Biden Administration, is rapidly rocketing to its debt ceiling. Biden is demanding more money from Congress while GOP leaders argue that someone has to take hold of the matter and spare the country’s reputation, leadership status, and security level.

Meanwhile, President Biden has decided to send $500,000, in grant money to Pakistan. Pakistan has been considered an ally of the United States for decades, and the two countries enjoy much trade and support from each other. Pakistan was a recipient of one of the largest amounts of American aid just ten years ago.

It should be noted that Pakistan is also quite friendly with China and Russia and is not a member of NATO. Over many years, both Communist giants have pursued positive ties and communications with Pakistan, largely for its strategic location.

So perhaps the grant is warranted for some sort of needed funding for the South Asian American ally, even as the accounts back home look bleak. In actuality, Biden’s generous grant is going to support transgender youth in Pakistan.

The Biden Administration insists that English-speaking teachers in Pakistan need to study more effective teaching methods in order to help transgender youth find their place in society. He wants to provide professional development for teachers and students. Insisting that a network is needed to support these young people, he predicts the grant will be a boost for “marginalized communities.”

Biden also suggests that more thorough lessons in the English language will open up opportunities for transgender youth to pursue more promising education paths.

Calling on the police forces in Pakistan, Biden implores them to guard against violence toward transgender communities around the country.

Citing a lack of accommodating businesses for transgender youth, Biden is encouraging public venues to provide safe gathering spaces in Pakistan.

Biden has clarified that the grant money will not be accessible for gender transition treatments and surgeries.

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