Democratic Mayor Agrees That Texas Shouldn’t Handle Immigrant Influx Alone

( — Denver’s Democratic mayor, Mike Johnston, recently discussed the ongoing influx of immigrants in Texas, claiming Texas Governor Greg Abbott shouldn’t be responsible for handling the migrant surge on his own. Johnson said that he understands Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to other states and cities, which Johnston believes is an attempt to reduce the number of migrants who remain in Texas. Johnston expressed his agreement with Abbott’s stance on immigration, saying he doesn’t believe any city or state should be forced to house every new immigrant either.

Johnston also referred to his attempt at reaching out to Abbott so the two elected officials could discuss a potential resolution to the surge of migrants. Johnston expressed his desire to find a new way to reduce the burden on states and cities that house immigrants, but no specific resolution has yet materialized. Johnston’s comments come as Abbott’s border enforcement policies make national headlines, with the Texas governor disobeying President Joe Biden on how Texas should handle the immigration surge.

Abbott recently declared that Texas has the right to defend itself from illegal immigration, which involves the construction of a new border wall. Abbott also declared the migrant surge an “invasion,” which enables additional protections by Texas authorities. President Biden responded to Abbott’s proactive immigration reduction methods by threatening to federalize the National Guard and use them to prevent further construction of Abbott’s new border wall. Despite President Biden’s threats, Abbott intends to keep the construction moving forward.

Although Johnston agrees with Abbott that a state or city shouldn’t bear the total weight of the growing immigrant population, the Democratic mayor suggested an alternative solution. According to Johnston, city mayors should band together and petition the federal government for more funding. Johnston said the funding could provide housing and food for migrants and would reduce the burden on city budgets.

Johnston also said he supports President Biden’s calls for more federal funding for the United States Border Patrol and additional officers working the southern border. Johnston claims that the Senate endorses the idea of providing cities with more funding, and now the House of Representatives needs to join in supporting Biden’s proposed increase in financial assistance to the United States Border Patrol.

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