Democrats Cautioned Mike Johnson About Speaking With MTG In Private

( — Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) recently met with controversial Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in private, likely to dissuade her from pushing for his removal, a move that many House Democrats publicly disapprove of.

Greene called for Johnson’s removal after he supported a foreign aid bill for Ukraine but didn’t push her resolution to a vote. Greene has since renewed her effort to remove Johnson from his leadership role, prompting Johnson to meet with Greene for hours in private. Democrats are concerned about the meetings, as they fear Greene may have forced Johnson into an agreement that could limit future aid to Ukraine.

According to a senior Democratic Representative who asked for anonymity, Johnson seemingly “capitulated” to Greene, which could cause some Democrats to recant their promises to protect Johnson from a removal effort. Representative Ted Lieu (D-California) agreed with the senior party member and said that Americans should ask questions about the meetings between Greene and Johnson and any agreements between the two. While the details of Johnson’s meeting with Greene aren’t entirely clear, Greene has confirmed that she made several demands to Johnson.

Greene demanded that Johnson avoid supporting any future foreign aid packages for Ukraine and that the speaker defund special counsel probes, likely referring to the probes targeting former President Donald Trump and his associates. Despite Greene’s demands, Johnson told reporters he wasn’t negotiating with Greene but rather discussing her concerns regarding his decisions as Speaker of the House. Greene disagreed with Johnson’s claims and told media outlets that Johnson had to either agree to her demands or face removal.

While Democrats are concerned about Johnson’s decision to meet with Greene privately, others are outraged with Johnson. One such representative is Angie Craig (D-Minnesota), who claims that Johnson couldn’t work alongside Greene, as Greene would make new demands once her initial terms were met. Representative Brad Schneider (D-Illinois) agreed with Craig and said that Republicans are engaged in a party conflict rather than focused on instituting policies that would benefit American citizens.

While most Democratic lawmakers seemed critical of Johnson, others, such as Representative Scott Peters (D-California), supported Johnson’s decision to meet with Greene. According to Peters, Johnson had to meet with Greene to keep the House of Representatives active to avoid another deadlock. Peters claims that he’ll support Johnson for the foreseeable future and that Greene’s demands aren’t necessarily going to take effect.

Any such demands by Greene have now been rendered moot due to Congress’s killing of her motion by an overwhelming margin.

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