Democrats Pushing Harder Than Ever To Censure Santos

( — Democrats in the House of Representatives are pushing for a vote to censure Republican Representative George Santos for allegedly lying to voters during the 2022 election cycle. The decision to censure Santos could be retaliation for the GOP push to censure Representative Adam Schiff from California, who was the focus of a censure vote in June.

Santos has been the focus of constant controversies since he misled voters about his qualifications last year. He appears to have lied about his education and work experience to present himself as a more qualified candidate than he was. A censure is the most severe punishment against a member of the House of Representatives and has only occurred a handful of times throughout United States history, including when Adam Schiff faced censure for claiming Trump colluded with Russia in 2016.

While Santos has been criticized relentlessly by Democratic members of the House, the likelihood of censure is uncertain given how both parties struggle to maintain control over the House of Representatives. Without Santos, the Republican Party would lose a seat in the House, a seat that could end up occupied by a Democrat since Santos represents New York, a heavily liberal city. Due to the narrow majority the Republicans currently possess within the House of Representatives, it seems they’re worried about losing Santos’ seat. Without Santos, the Republicans would only have nine seats maintaining their majority, a slim margin that could change within a few years.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy protected Santos by preventing his expulsion by gaining votes against the potential outing of Santos. Santos is facing a federal criminal case due to lying about his qualifications and committing wire fraud, and this is a problem for the Republican Party which is worried about losing a critical seat. Whether or not Santos will face criminal consequences for his misdeeds is unclear, but his potential censure will be a hotly contested issue in the coming days.

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