Democrats Split Sharply Over The Israel-Hamas Conflict

( — Some are saying that the current divide between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine Democrats could not get any worse. President Biden’s initial response to the Hamas terrorist attack on a peaceful concert in Israel garnered him some of the harshest criticism from his own party that he’s experienced since taking office in 2021.

Rashida Tlaib, a prominent Democratic representative from Michigan, has issued a stern condemnation of President Biden, saying that as a Muslim and a Palestinian-American, she is “not going to forget this”. Nine Democrat house members voted against the bipartisan resolution led by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Texas Republican Mike McCaul and Ranking Member New York Democrat Greg Meeks. Six other Democrats voted present. New Jersey Democratic Representative Josh Gottheimer took to X, the site previously known as Twitter, to condemn the Democrats who voted for the resolution as “despicable.”

The split seems to have come down to some Democrats supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against Palestinian aggression and other Democrats demanding an Israeli-led immediate ceasefire. There are also some who feel that the entire situation is a distraction from more pressing issues at home, like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who, according to an unnamed staffer, is frustrated that attention is being diverted from ongoing labor strikes in the US. More than 300 of Sander’s ex-staffers signed a letter urging senators to endorse the ceasefire. A similar letter was issued by 50 of Massachusetts Senator Warren’s former staff members.

There are also several bills that will be coming to a vote soon that may suffer from divided allyship within the Democratic Party to the extent that they might be able to pass them. Support is already divided along party lines for new resolutions regarding Israel, Iran, Palestine, and Hamas, but there is increasing disagreement and even hostility between Democrat party members, even on Democrat or bipartisan bills. There could also be fallout from this schism within the Democratic Party as America ramps up into the election season. The issue of whether a person supports Israel, Palestine, or the USA could help clarify the choices of many Americans at the ballot box.

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