Democrats Who Consider Immigration To Be A “Critical Threat” Are Becoming More Numerous

( — On Tuesday, February 27, new polling was released by Gallup, an American multinational analytics and advisory company most notable for their public opinion polls. The survey was focused on what Americans feel are the most important issues the country is currently facing.

One of the more surprising results was that even Democrats are more concerned about illegal immigration than they were just a month ago, with 10% saying it is the top problem in the US, which is up from 9% in January. Among those who did not rank it as the highest issue of concern, 29.5% said it was still a critical matter.

While less surprising, 57% of those polled who identified as Republicans see immigration as the number one issue facing the US, which is an increase of 20 points since January. Independent voters who rank immigration as the top concern have also increased by 6 points to 22%. A more general question on the survey asked respondents if the rate of illegal immigration was a critical threat to American interests, and 55% said that it was, which is up 8 points since last year as well as topping the former all-time high of 50% in 2004.

Gallup Senior Editor Jeff Jones lays the blame for the increased concern over illegal immigration on media coverage. He says that immigration isn’t usually something that is on people’s minds as much as the government or the economy. This poll shows the greatest concern about immigration in the United States since 2019, although it was also listed as the top concern in 2018 and 2014. The next two highest concerns of those surveyed were the economy and inflation, although those lagged significantly behind at less than 13% each.

Democrats are still blaming the Republicans for mass illegal immigration due to the failure of the bipartisan foreign aid bill which included some funding for more personnel at the border. The Republicans blame Democrat immigration policies, in particular the Biden administration’s rollback of Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, and the abandonment of the border wall project. Jones’ comment that the news may be responsible for the increased concern may be correct, as high-profile criminal cases involving illegal migrants like the murder of 22-year-old Laken Riley have sparked outrage across party lines.

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