Dems Fear West May Harm Biden’s 2024 Campaign

( — Democratic voters are concerned that Cornel West, a political philosopher, and third-party presidential candidate, could end up harming President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. West fashioned himself as the Democrat’s alternative candidate to Joe Biden, raising concerns that he could pull voters away from Biden’s presidential bid.

West is well-known among progressives for various books he’s published that focus on race and its role in American politics throughout United States history. West is running as a candidate with the People’s Party, an American populist political organization that originally started in the late 1800s. West initially ran as a member of the Green Party but switched parties to the People’s Party, a change that many feel is more appropriate given West’s populist perspective.

West is unlikely to win the 2024 election, but his efforts could substantially hinder Joe Biden’s waning support should he gain traction in the coming months. Biden hasn’t commented on West’s candidacy. Online audiences have drawn parallels to the 2016 election, where Jill Stein siphoned enough votes from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that allowed Donald Trump a substantial lead in battleground states. While West likely won’t have the same impact on Biden’s campaign that Stein had on Clinton’s, he could draw votes away from Biden in an already hotly contested election.

West is a controversial figure involved in a scandal due to his failure to pay over $500,000 in taxes to the IRS. West’s failure to pay taxes will likely draw heavy criticism from other Democratic officials and hurt his political efforts moving forward. West has never held a public office, raising concerns that he’s unable to serve the country as president. Despite these criticisms, West seems confident that he’s the best possible option for Democrats who feel as though Joe Biden has failed them.

Despite West’s shortcomings as a potential candidate, the Democrats are already working to prevent a repeat of Jill Stein’s failed candidacy. West may not be the only independent running against Joe Biden, as Senator Joe Manchin teased a potential presidential bid with the group No Labels. While Biden remains the only official Democratic candidate running in next year’s election, other potential independent candidates could prevent Biden from winning re-election if his support continues to decline.

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