DeSantis Booed During Memorial Appearance

( — Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis appeared at a vigil for the three black victims of a recent Jacksonville, Florida, shooting, which is believed to have been a hate crime. During his attempt to speak at the vigil, the audience booed DeSantis heavily, presumably due to his policies that prevented stricter gun control within the Sunshine State.

DeSantis claimed that the state of Florida would provide financial assistance to a local college located blocks from where the shooting occurred and to the families of the victims who tragically lost their lives during the shooting. DeSantis also commented on the shooter, claiming that his actions weren’t tolerable and that he was a “major league scumbag.”

Despite his attempts at consoling the crowd, DeSantis faced heavy booing during the vigil, attended by hundreds just days after the tragic incident. However, DeSantis avoided discussing Florida’s gun policies and neglected to mention that the shooter legally obtained the firearms used despite an involuntary mental health commitment in 2017, which should have made him ineligible to purchase a gun. The tragic shooting marks the latest instance of gun violence to make national headlines. It could play a role in DeSantis’s presidential campaign if Democratic officials call attention to the horrible incident.

The shooter attacked a Dollar General and killed three black people before turning the gun on himself. The attack seems to be inspired by another racially motivated shooting from years ago, as just moments before the shooting, the shooter told his father to look on his computer to find detailed manifestos regarding the attack and why he committed the shooting. The manifestos aren’t available to the public but will likely be released in the coming weeks once an investigation into the attack concludes.

Details regarding the Jacksonville shooting are still being released, but it seems to be the latest in a string of hate crimes targeting black people. DeSantis isn’t commenting on the crime itself too much, but he is claiming that the attack isn’t indicative of Florida’s people and that such an incident is unacceptable. Further details will soon be discovered, with the shooter’s manifesto likely to be released by authorities in the coming weeks.

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