Desantis’ Departure Serves Final Jab at Nikki Haley

( — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently withdrew from the 2024 presidential race and publicly endorsed former President Donald Trump as the best candidate for the Republican Party. During his departure, DeSantis also commented about President Joe Biden and former Governor Nikki Haley, explaining why neither candidate should gain voters’ support. According to DeSantis, Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who could feasibly challenge President Biden’s re-election campaign.

DeSantis’ public criticisms of Haley echo a sentiment he’s allegedly told donors for several months: she can’t gain the support required to steal the Republican nomination from Trump. DeSantis suspended his presidential campaign just days before the upcoming New Hampshire primary and immediately endorsed Donald Trump, a decision that will likely hinder Haley’s performance moving forward. DeSantis also used his farewell address to throw a final jab at Haley, calling her political platform indicative of “warmed-over” corporatism.

DeSantis and Haley competed throughout the latter half of 2023, as both candidates presented themselves as the Republican voters’ alternative to Donald Trump. Both candidates regularly polled for second and third place, behind the former president, but failed to outperform Trump on the national level. Despite DeSantis’ comments, Haley remains confident that she’ll win New Hampshire and replace Donald Trump as the front-running Republican candidate.

Trump dismissed Haley’s confidence and said that he’d receive most of the conservative voters’ support in New Hampshire. DeSantis made similar comments, claiming that Republican voters overwhelmingly prefer Donald Trump over Nikki Haley. Although Haley regularly fails to gain a meaningful lead on Trump’s presidential bid, she’s polling at second place amongst New Hampshire Republicans. Despite the unlikelihood of her winning in New Hampshire, Haley stated that she’d remain in the presidential race until the South Carolina primary in February.

Haley also responded to DeSantis’ comments during his departure but didn’t resort to insults or negative criticism. Haley said that she believed DeSantis was a good governor and that she wished him well going forward. Haley also said that so far, only one state has selected Donald Trump as its preferred Republican candidate and that the United States isn’t a country that partakes in coronations. Despite Haley’s statements, political experts overwhelmingly believe that Donald Trump is the most likely Republican candidate to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

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