DeSantis Donor Threatens to Cut Funding

( — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign could lose a political donor unless the candidate receives more support and adopts a more moderate platform. One of DeSantis’s biggest donors, Robert Bigelow, may withdraw his support.

DeSantis is having trouble maintaining political support due to his intensely conservative stances on topics like LGTBQ communities and the ongoing abortion rights issue, which have alienated him in the eyes of moderate voters and independents alike.

DeSantis is currently the second most popular candidate among Republicans but trails behind Donald Trump by around 20 points in various polls. Bigelow said he might remain a donor if DeSantis changes his political approach. Bigelow is the largest donor to the super PAC known as “Never Back Down,” which endorses Ron DeSantis.

Bigelow spoke to the press about his desire for DeSantis to change his political stances, claiming that “extremism is going to get you elected.” Bigelow’s decision to potentially drop out as one of DeSantis’s donors comes after DeSantis signed a bill banning abortions after six weeks, a policy enacted after Bigelow made a sizable donation to the DeSantis campaign. Bigelow claims that he will not continue to support DeSantis until the GOP hopeful can attract new donors to his campaign.

DeSantis regularly struggles with donors to his presidential campaign, with the candidate even meeting his donors to discuss how he seeks to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. DeSantis regularly polls behind Trump by a sizable margin, raising concerns that DeSantis can’t compete with Trump on the national stage. Donors are aware of his inability to outperform the GOP favorite and might withdraw their support like Bigelow in the coming months.

While DeSantis struggles to maintain his political support among donors, Tim Scott sees an influx of support ahead of the Republican debates. Scott is one of the least popular Republican candidates, but he has recently received contributions to his campaign. Scott’s growth in popularity may bolster the GOP hopeful’s position amongst his competitors, but despite the donations, Donald Trump remains the most popular GOP candidate running amongst the Republican Party.

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