DeSantis Makes A Promise To Trump Voters

( — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently criticized Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointees, and has promised to do better than Trump did when it comes to picking justices.

DeSantis went on to say that he had respect for the people Trump ended up picking, but that they weren’t to the same standard as Justice Clarence Thomas or Justice Samuel Alito. DeSantis called Alito and Thomas the “gold standard” in terms of Supreme Court justices, and claimed that his picks would be more in line with them should he be elected in 2024. Alito and Thomas are the Supreme Court’s most conservative justices, a trend that DeSantis seemingly hopes to broaden if he wins office.

DeSantis has made a habit of criticizing Donald Trump’s time in office since he launched his presidential campaign back in May, with the two Republican hopefuls constantly blasting one another publicly. Interestingly, DeSantis recently came to Trump’s defense, condemning the latest federal indictment against Trump. DeSantis claimed that the FBI’s decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton for a similar offense to Trump’s was a mistake, but he quickly mentioned that he’d have been prosecuted for the same offense if he mishandled classified info as a naval officer. Although DeSantis seemingly defended Trump, he still publicly criticizes the former president in his various appearances and interviews.

DeSantis isn’t the only Republican hopeful that seeks to take the nomination from Trump, as other potential candidates include Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Asa Hutchinson. While DeSantis is widely considered the best possible contender to go against Trump for the Republican nomination, he still trails the former president by 38 points in polls. This lead will likely shorten once the primary season begins, but for now it appears as though Trump still enjoys a hearty lead in terms of popularity and support.

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