Desantis’ Post-Campaign Behavior Ignites Conjecture About 2028

( — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently ignited rumors about a potential bid for the presidency in 2028 due to his behavior after suspending his failed 2024 presidential campaign and endorsing GOP favorite former President Donald Trump. Following his failed 2024 campaign, DeSantis began sharing candid videos on social media, depicting himself as an average American citizen. In one video, DeSantis talked with his young son about the Super Bowl, where he correctly predicted the Kansas City Chiefs would face off against the San Francisco 49ers. Many viewers found the video humanizing for the governor and cited the candid post as an attempt to connect with voters.

DeSantis also spoke about Trump after endorsing the former president, where he openly criticized Trump’s administration and Trump’s proposed policies. DeSantis then said he’d veto a Florida bill meant to use state funds to pay for Trump’s legal fees, which DeSantis said Florida taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for. Despite endorsing Trump, DeSantis claimed he wouldn’t let the former president use Florida citizens for personal gain in his ongoing legal cases.

DeSantis shared other videos on social media after dropping out of the presidential election, with some focusing on the ongoing border crisis unfolding in Texas. DeSantis expressed his support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who recently ignored President Biden’s orders to avoid enforcing immigration laws and began securing the southern border using a new border wall. Despite Biden threatening to federalize the National Guard to prevent Abbott’s new border enforcement, many Republicans, like DeSantis, openly support Abbott’s attempt at preventing further immigration.

DeSantis recently revealed the Florida legislature’s plan to certify several new amendments under Article V of the Florida Constitution, which would establish term limits for elected officials and implement a new balanced budget requirement for the state. Some political experts believe DeSantis is attempting to showcase his strength as a leader and share his personal life more often to connect with American voters for a potential second presidential bid in 2028.

DeSantis’s campaign initially did well after he announced his 2024 presidential bid in May 2023 but suffered several significant setbacks as the year progressed. Among the roadblocks suffered by the DeSantis campaign were multiple scandals due to DeSantis’s reaction to a Florida shooting and a loss of political donors resulting from DeSantis’s outspoken anti-abortion beliefs. Despite his campaign losing momentum, DeSantis remained the second-most popular Republican candidate but trailed former President Donald Trump by over 20% in national polls.

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