DeSantis Takes Aim at Hurricane Idalia Looters

mobile home with sign reading looeters please don't break in, here is the key

( — Tropical Storm Idalia hit the west coast of Florida and was a category 3 hurricane with winds up to 130 miles per hour. The storm was expected to be highly disruptive to Florida citizens and might even yet result in widespread looting like past tropical storms.

Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis spoke about the potential looters, claiming he instructed law enforcement to protect citizens’ property to deter looting. DeSantis halted his presidential campaign to prepare Florida for Tropical Storm Idalia and will remain in the region until the severe weather passes. So far, two confirmed deaths from the tropical storm have resulted from extreme weather impacting driving conditions. Other casualties seem sure to follow, as the tropical storm is one of the more intense hurricanes to hit Florida in recent years.

President Joe Biden acknowledged the storm and announced that the regions impacted by Tropical Storm Idalia will receive federal aid. Hundreds of thousands currently lack power, meaning the need for federal assistance is exceptionally high.

Hurricane Idalia hit Florida and then reached Georgia, causing numerous injuries and at least one death. The hurricane is also in the Carolinas and is expected to cause severe damage. The storm is quite intense, but Georgia Governor Brian Kemp claims that Hurricane Michael caused even more damage in 2018, and Hurricane Idalia is unlikely to reach the same level of destruction as the 2018 hurricane. The hurricane is still ravaging parts of the southeast United States but is expected to end sometime in the next week or so.

The severity of Hurricane Idalia is beginning to lessen, and the eye of the storm is already out of Florida entirely. Despite this, Florida still suffers from severe weather conditions that will likely continue for a few more days. So far, there’s been no indication of looting, so the possibility of widespread theft seems unlikely. DeSantis is expected to remain in Florida until the weather clears, but he will resume his presidential campaign once Hurricane Idalia disappears.

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