DeSantis Will Not Pursue Punishment for Women Who Skirt Abortion Bans

( — Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis claimed that he would not pursue criminal punishment for women who get abortions, regardless if abortions are criminalized or not. DeSantis stated that he would not favor punishing patients who ignored state abortion rules should he be elected president.

DeSantis’s position seemingly contradicts the policies he helped pass in Florida, which would outlaw abortions past the sixth week of pregnancy. While DeSantis’s approach would make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion past this point in the pregnancy, it doesn’t outlaw the procedure for the patient. This policy means that technically, women in Florida can seek out an abortion; a doctor just can’t perform it for them.

If elected to higher office, DeSantis will institute this approach nationally, a stance that will likely appease his moderate supporters. One such supporter is Robert Bigelow, who recently stated that he would not endorse DeSantis if the Florida Governor can’t bolster his popularity and change his stance to a moderate approach rather than a conservative one. Bigelow is one of the most significant contributors to DeSantis’s campaign, so losing his support would hinder DeSantis moving forward. DeSantis hasn’t commented on Bigelow’s comments, but it seems they motivated him to clarify his stance on controversial topics like abortion.

Robert Bigelow’s decision to halt support for DeSantis comes just days after Florida instituted its controversial six-week abortion ban. This policy passed days after Bigelow contributed to DeSantis’s campaign. The ban caused Bigelow to reconsider his support for DeSantis, with Bigelow comparing DeSantis’s stance to “extremism.”

Bigelow isn’t just concerned with DeSantis’s stance on abortion but with his entire platform in general. DeSantis has consistently portrayed himself to the American public as highly conservative, raising concerns among moderate and independent voters about whether DeSantis is the right candidate. Bigelow seems aware of the undecided voters’ apprehension regarding DeSantis and wants the Florida Governor to make a change before he cuts off support entirely.

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