Despite Low Ratings, Biden Will Run for President in 2024

( — President Joe Biden has officially announced that he will run for reelection. With Kamala Harris as his running mate, the campaign themes will be similar to their successful bid for office in the 2020 election when they defeated then-President Donald Trump.

Biden addressed the nation through a produced video, concentrating largely on the general concept of freedom and rights. He includes many clips of himself smiling and hugging members of minority communities. He shakes hands with workers on blue-collar job sites.

Reviving 2020 campaign rhetoric, he insists he knows America well, and that he is running to save the “soul of America.” The video calls for unity, and then references his 2020 opponent–Trump–and MAGA supporters, blaming Republicans for threats to freedom and democracy.

Biden’s announcement comes at a time when his approval ratings are almost at their lowest mark, hovering near 40% for many months, especially since his chaotic exit strategy from Afghanistan. Many polls show that voters are wary of Biden’s candidacy because of his age and apparent mental decline. Biden responds that his age is not a factor, and that his experience will lead.

Thus far, that presidential experience has led to several ongoing controversies. Biden’s track record shows that his ultimate goal is green energy at all costs, a strategy that has brought the nation to a deeper reliance on exports from China.

Classified documents have been found in his own home in Delaware, leaked Pentagon documents have revealed intelligence secrets, a wave of gun violence has killed innocent citizens, and there is a serious drug crisis in the homeland.

Recent news shows Biden’s fellow Democrats pictured at parties with Secret Chinese police operating on American soil. Border security problems seem to have no end, and an influx of illegal migrants is heading toward Texas.

Foreign policy plans are notably absent from the video.

In a general statement, Biden simply says he wants to finish the job.

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