Despite Sanctions, Russia Significantly Raised Its Weapons Production in 2023

( — The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been taking its toll on both countries supply of soldiers, money, and, of course, weapons. While interested third parties like the United States have been supplying money and weapons to Ukraine, Russia has been making its own arrangements. In 2023, despite increasing international sanctions against them, Russia significantly increased its military production. They’ve now delivered additional weapons to their troops, including 1,500 tanks, 1,400 rocket and artillery vehicles, 2,200 armored combat vehicles, and 22,000 drones.

These details were covered in documents obtained by the Russian news agency Tass. The documents indicate that the Russian military is now operating at 84 percent efficiency. According to Bekhan Ozdoev, the industrial director of the armament complex at Rostec, the state corporation that controls much of the Russian weapons industry, production has increased between 2 and 10 times for various different kinds of weaponry. Ozdoev says that for some types of hardware production has increased in even greater amounts.

Many of the sanctions enacted by Western governments were done specifically to target Russia’s ability to procure military technology. It appears as though Russia has been successfully finding ways around the sanctions to bolster their redoubled efforts in what President Vladimir Putin refers to as their “special military operation” in Ukraine. Russia has been working with countries like China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates which are not participating in the sanctions to obtain foreign-made components needed for their military efforts.

On December 27, Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a press conference to discuss the five-day talks between the two countries. India is already a key ally for Russia amid the oil sanctions that were imposed. They indicated they had discussed the prospect of military-technical cooperation in the future, which could include the joint production of modern types of weapons. The Indian prime minister seemed pleased with the high trade turnover between the two countries and added that they expect to exceed it in the coming year.

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