DHS Has Had No Credible Threats Regarding Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, Says Mayorkas

(NationalUSNews.com) — According to Alejandro Mayorkas, the United States Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, the department did not receive any credible threats against Taylor Swift or the now-completed Super Bowl LVIII. Mayorkas expressly referred to Swift due to her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who participated in the match against the San Francisco 49ers. Swift’s relationship with Kelce made national headlines and caused concern among her fans, who felt the high-profile celebrity could receive threats for her outspoken political views.

Mayorkas dispelled rumors about any threats against Swift or the big game in general, claiming the Department of Homeland Security closely monitors the Super Bowl to ensure the safety of the game’s participants and spectators. Mayorkas said that the Department of Homeland Security is invested in the event due to the 330,000 people who visited the city to attend, along with the millions of Americans watching the game nationwide. Mayorkas also said the department considered Swift’s relationship with Kelce as the high-profile celebrity couple increased the attention given to the Super Bowl.

Las Vegas, Nevada, who hosted the sporting event, marks the first time the Super Bowl has been held within city limits. Sporting experts estimated the game may have brought in over $600 million in revenue for Las Vegas due to the potential for gambling and the high-profile celebrities attending the event. Swift’s attendance also theoretically brought in more revenue for the city, as some fans were thought more likely to attend the event solely due to her presence. It was feared that Swift would miss the game, as she performed in Japan the day prior, but the Japanese Embassy released a statement confirming Swift would arrive in the United States before the Super Bowl begins. Swift, and Japan, were as good as their collective words.

Many NFL fans are dissatisfied with Swift’s frequent appearances at Kansas City Chief games due to the attention given to her during game broadcasts. Swift’s relationship with Kelce also sparked online theories about the NFL, with some social media posts accusing the NFL of rigging games to make the Kansas City Chiefs seem more favorable and provide Swift with a platform to discuss her political beliefs.

Swift hasn’t officially endorsed President Biden for the 2024 presidential election, but she did endorse Biden during the 2020 election. The conspiracy theories surrounding Swift began when a single post from her social media resulted in 35,000 voters registering, causing concerns amongst some American citizens that Swift’s influence over her target demographic could sway the election in Biden’s favor.

No word yet on whether the Kansas City Chiefs win signals anything other than celebrating in places cordial to the now four-time Super Bowl champs.

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