Doctor Claims Link Between Mental Illness And Cannabis Use

( — A former drug policy advisor for Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama is warning of the link between the rise in mental health issues and the push to legalize marijuana, Fox News reported.

While appearing on “Sunday Night in America” with Fox host Trey Gowdy, Dr. Kevin Sabet slammed the “money-hungry” pot industry for promoting the legalization and widespread use of marijuana for financial gain. Sabat said the “net result” of the push for pot legalization has not been good since it is “the most misunderstood drug” in the country. He noted that marijuana has been genetically bred to be “much stronger than it used to be,” effectively making it a “totally different drug.”

Thus far, 23 states have legalized recreational pot for adults, and more states are expected to follow their lead.

Sabet, the CEO of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, said with the legalization of pot, there has been a “massive increase in mental illness.” He said marijuana is known to quadruple the risk of schizophrenia and psychosis while the risk of suicide is six times higher with pot use.

Sabet also argued that 99 percent of those addicted to cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin start by first using marijuana and alcohol. He said it is already too late to do anything about alcohol consumption and asked why the country would want to “make the same mistake” by legalizing and legitimizing pot use. Sabet warned that the path the country is heading down with legalizing marijuana is a “huge mistake.”

Sabet dismissed the claim that making recreational pot use illegal led to racial inequality, arguing that the movement to legalize pot is targeting minority communities. He said while the pot industry is setting up marijuana shops in the poorest communities, there has been no reduction in incarcerations as a result.

Sabet maintained that it is only the pot industry that is benefiting from legalization.

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