Donald Trump Does First Town Hall With CNN

( — Former President Donald Trump recently appeared in his first presidential town hall meeting, which was moderated by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. After about an hour, Collins began to grill Trump about his handling of national documents, which resulted in his home being raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Interestingly, Collins didn’t bring up Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, which was brought to light almost immediately after Trump was subjected to a raid. Among the most notable moments from the town hall include Trump acknowledging his rising poll numbers, the crowd erupting into cheers multiple times in support of Trump, and Trump calling Collins a “nasty person” after she asked him about the classified documents scandal. The town hall serves as Trump’s first foray back into the world of politics following his recent controversies.

Trump recently made headlines following the conclusion of his defamation trial, involving E. Jean Carroll. Trump was ordered to pay Carroll five million dollars. While Trump hasn’t acknowledged the allegations surrounding the trial as anything other than lies, the defamation suit serves as the only successful attempt at suing the former president. Trump is also awaiting further developments in his potential federal criminal charges within New York City. Despite all of these controversial cases being stacked against Trump, the former president seems hopeful that he’ll regain his office come 2024’s election. Trump’s polling numbers have risen in recent memory, while Biden’s have started to decline, presumably due to his mishandling of the economy and the ongoing border crisis.

Donald Trump is in the midst of an ongoing legal case, which is still developing. While Trump was indicted by a grand jury, the likelihood of him being found guilty and spending time behind bars feels slim. Trump has pleaded not guilty to the thirty-four count indictment, and is currently planning to have the case moved to federal court, which would likely help him due to New York’s officials being heavily Democratic Party affiliated. While the outcome of his legal cases is still in the air, Trump plans to run for office next year regardless.

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