Donald Trump May Have Just Messed Up

( — According to a recent poll, Donald Trump’s lead over other GOP candidates might be dropping, as the former president polled with the lowest amount of support since the 2024 presidential race began. Despite the drop in popularity, Trump still maintains a commanding lead over his Republican counterparts and will likely secure the GOP nomination for next year’s election.

Trump currently polls with around 50% of Republicans’ support, an astonishing amount that few candidates have achieved this early in a presidential campaign. Trump’s campaign initially had approximately 55% of Republicans’ support, marking a 5% drop in popularity in just a few weeks. Trump’s dip in popularity may only be temporary, as this poll marks the first time the former president has suffered a decline in support among his primary demographic. Trump still maintains a lead of over 30 points and remains the most popular Republican candidate despite the numerous legal battles he’s facing. Trump is the subject of criminal cases in several states, making his resounding lead even more shocking to his political opponents.

Trump’s latest criminal charges stem from an indictment in Georgia, resulting in the former president’s surrender to the Fulton County jail. Following his surrender, Trump was briefly booked into jail and had his mugshot taken. The mugshot quickly became iconic and is being shared with supportive captions on social media. Despite the 91 charges against the former president, he maintains a solid support base within the Republican Party and is still polling incredibly well. Trump’s opponents repeatedly claim that the former president needs to drop out of the presidential race. Still, Trump refuses to give up on his re-election efforts, claiming he’d remain in the race if convicted before the election. Trump will appear for his arraignment in the Georgia case sometime in September.

Trump isn’t the only presidential candidate losing traction in polls, as President Biden’s popularity is taking a hit. According to an AP-NORC poll, many Americans feel that Biden is too old to serve as the chief executive effectively. Despite these apprehensions, Biden remains confident in his ability to serve the nation and will not be dropping out of the race for another Democrat to take his spot as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

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