Drones With Mounted Machine Guns May Make Their Way To Ukraine

(NationalUSNews.com) — A United States drone manufacturer has released a statement regarding the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, indicating that the company could end up providing Ukraine with drones with mounted machine guns.

The drones in question are called the FelonX and Felon 1.0, produced by Feloni Aero, a weapon manufacturer located in Washington. Feloni Aero’s statement featured information about the Felon 1.0 and Felon X, which feature mounted machine guns and AI technology. While the decision to share the advanced drones with Ukraine isn’t up to Feloni Aero, the company’s statement indicated that if the Pentagon decided to purchase the Felon drones, it would likely share the technology with Ukraine.

Feloni Aero described the drones as a method of bolstering the user’s defense capabilities, despite the Felon drones featuring heavy machine guns and missile launchers embedded within the drone body. The drones could be featured in future armament shipments to Ukraine as part of the highly controversial aid package Congress recently passed, which will provide approximately $61 billion to Ukraine for ammunition and weaponry. Ukraine has already utilized unmanned drones during its war with Russia, making it seem likely for Feloni Aero’s newest drones to make it into Ukraine’s arsenal.

When describing the Felon 1.0, Feloni Aero said that the drone had applications within the military or law enforcement. According to the company’s statement, the Felon 1.0 comes with a mounted machine gun that fires 5.56-millimeter ammunition, the same ammunition used by the M16 and other standard-issue NATO weaponry. The FelonX is similar to the Felon 1.0 but has a mounted missile system instead of a machine gun. According to Feloni Aero, the Felon 1.0 has weaponry meant to engage with personnel or groups of hostiles, while the FelonX has gear for aerial encounters or altercations with armored vehicles.

Feloni Aero has a history of developing advanced weaponry and drones for military applications, according to its CEO, Todd Dunphy. He said Feloni Aero aims to provide nations like Ukraine with new technology that helps protect civilians and provides an advantage over enemy units. When explaining the drones, Dunphy cited the global “geopolitical landscape” as a concern for the weapons firm. Dunphy finished his statement by confirming that if the United States allows Feloni Aero to contribute the FelonX and Felon 1.0 drones to Ukraine, the weapons firm will gladly do so.

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