Experts Claim Navalny Was to Be Part of Prisoner Swap Before Death

( — According to various experts, Alexei Navalny, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s staunchest opponent, would’ve been exchanged for a Russian prisoner in Germany had he not died recently behind bars. The official cause of Navalny’s death remains undisclosed, but many political experts believe foul play is involved. Prison officials allegedly found Navalny’s body covered in bruises, and Russian authorities are guarding the body from outside sources.

According to paramedics who examined Navalny’s body, the former political advocate likely died due to an attack from one of Vladimir Putin’s men. Despite the allegations against Putin and the Russian government, Russian medical examiners haven’t performed an autopsy or disclosed an official cause of death. Although many political experts believe Putin had Navalny murdered due to his outspoken opposition to the Russian government, others aren’t convinced, as reports indicate Navalny could’ve been part of prisoner exchange negotiations.

Philip Pyatov, a columnist who writes for Bild, claims that multiple nations began discussing a potential prisoner exchange in the weeks before Navalny’s death. Among the countries featured in the prisoner exchange negotiations are Russia, Germany, and the United States. Pyatov said that Russia would’ve exchanged Navalny for Vadim Krasikov, a convicted murderer who worked for the Russian government and remains imprisoned in Germany. Despite Pyatov’s claims, an independent party hasn’t verified his sources, which could be inaccurate.

Some experts believe Putin wouldn’t have freed Navalny in a prisoner exchange due to the rivalry between the advocate and the Russian president. Other experts claim Russia and Germany might’ve negotiated the exchange but that higher-ups in the Russian government, including Putin, could’ve had Navalny murdered in opposition to an agreement with Germany and the United States.

According to Pyatov, Russia sought the freedom of Vadim Krasikov in exchange for Navalny. German authorities arrested Krasikov in 2019 after he murdered a man from Georgia, a country neighboring Russia. Sources for Pyatov indicated that German prison officials began preparing Krasikov for deportation to Russia shortly before Navalny’s sudden death, indicating a potential exchange was underway.

Russian authorities addressed Navalny’s suspicious death and initially attributed it to sudden death syndrome when informing his family members and his attorney. Despite Russia’s denial of involvement in Navalny’s abrupt death, Western countries claim Putin is responsible. Lord Cameron, the United Kingdom’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, said that new sanctions against Russian officials are likely, given the unusual circumstances of Navalny’s death.

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