Family Feud Killer Swears He Is Innocent in Wife’s Slaying

( — On May 31, former gameshow contestant, Tim Bliefnick was found guilty of the murder of his ex-wife, Rebecca “Becky” Postle Bliefnick, and was sentenced to life in prison in Quincy, Illinois. Bliefnick insists that he is innocent of the crime and is working to appeal the decision. He says that the very idea of murdering anyone, especially the mother of his children, is “not any part of who I am.”

His attorney, Casey Schnack, says that the case lacked “any hard evidence,” pointing out that the poor surveillance footage could not positively identify his client and pointing out the lack of definitive DNA evidence. Schnack believes the investigation too easily dismissed the possibility of a prowler and a home invasion robbery resulting in Postle Bliefnick’s death.

Tim Bliefnick had filed for divorce in 2021 and they were still in the midst of fighting for custody of their 3 children. Both parties had filed for restraining orders against the other but were denied, although the judge did order them both to stay away from each other’s home except for the purpose of custodial exchanges of their children. Bliefnick claimed that his ex-wife had “stalked” and harassed” him, while Postle Bliefnick claimed he had entered her home without permission, and “falsified interactions” between them. Postle Bliefnick had also filed for a protection order against her ex-husband’s father, alleging a “history of perversion” and child abuse. This was also denied.

However, there are many aspects of the case that are deeply suspicious. His children were staying at his home, a mile away, and the murderer passed by 3 available windows for entry to the house, instead entering through a 2nd story window to one of the boys’ conveniently empty rooms. His search history showed repeated searches on Postle Bliefnick’s new boyfriend’s license plate number, as well as searches for how to open a door with a crowbar, how to make a gun silencer, and how to clean gunpowder off one’s hands. In answer to Steve Harvey’s question on Family Feud, “What was the biggest mistake you made at your wedding?”, Bliefnick replied amidst laughing “said I do.”

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