Family Sues School After Teen Son’s Suicide

( — A high schooler’s family is suing their son’s school for a wrongful death, citing their son’s suicide after he experienced accusations of racism and several incidents involving school staff. According to the parents of Charlie Schnell, their son committed suicide due to multiple experiences at his high school in Bethesda, Maryland. Scott Schnell, Charlie Schnell’s father, claimed that his son suffered several traumatic experiences before taking his own life. Scott Schnell expressly referred to an incident where his son suffered a concussion while participating in a sporting event while listing the string of events leading to Charlie Schnell’s death.

Scott Schnell also discussed an incident where the dean of Landon School mocked his son in front of other students. Charlie Schnell’s family claims that after suffering the aforementioned incidents and facing an accusation of being racist after he made a drawing, Charlie Schnell committed suicide. According to the Schnell family, Charlie Schnell suffered from online harassment and intense bullying after the racism accusation, further contributing to the teen’s declining mental health. The Schnell family also referred to an incident where a student threatened to commit a mass shooting, which school officials failed to address.

The incidents surrounding Charlie Schnell culminated in a disciplinary action against the teen, in which he allegedly wasn’t allowed to defend himself. Following the undisclosed incident, Landon School officials provided the teen with a choice of expulsion or withdrawal. Charlie Schnell chose to withdraw from Landon School and took his own life just 13 days later.

The Schnell family also claims that, following Charlie Schnell’s death, Landon School officials didn’t provide adequate grief support. After their son’s death, Charlie Schnell’s parents decided to file a lawsuit against the Landon School. The Schnells are seeking $75,000 from the Landon School and a change to school policies they feel contributed to Charlie Schnell’s death. Following the Schnell family lawsuit, the school released a statement defending its policies.

According to the statement from the Landon School, school officials take students’ mental health and safety seriously. The statement also refers to the Schnell family’s lawsuit, claiming that school officials disagree with the family’s accusations. Despite the school’s statement, the Schnell family is moving forward with the lawsuit and sharing information about their son with multiple media outlets. According to Scott Schnell, the family considers sending their son to Landon School their “biggest mistake.”

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