FBI Informant Accused Of Lying About Hunter Biden Rearrested

(NationalUSNews.com) — Alexander Smirnov, an FBI informant whom authorities accused of lying about members of the Biden family, has been rearrested by police while he met with members of his legal team. Federal authorities charged Smirnov with allegedly spreading lies about the Biden family, but a judge allowed Smirnov an early release from jail while he awaited his trial. Smirnov’s arrest comes as the prosecutors appealed the judge’s order in his ongoing criminal case, allowing police to detain Smirnov until his trial date. Smirnov’s case is based in California and could result in the informant spending decades in a federal prison.

According to sources from the Justice Department, Smirnov maintains an ongoing connection with Russian intelligence officials and purposely planted false information about the Biden family to disrupt the American political system. Smirnov also allegedly met with various members of foreign intelligence groups during the legal scandal to coordinate the attack on the Biden family’s credibility. Authorities claim Smirnov also planned to relocate to the United States due to his ongoing criminal case.

The primary accusation against the former FBI informant is that he lied about Hunter Biden’s involvement in the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. Hunter Biden joined Burisma in 2014, while his father served as former President Obama’s vice president and earned millions of dollars from the firm due to his position as a board member. Hunter Biden worked on the company’s board and joined just eight months before members of Burisma allegedly bribed a member of Ukraine’s government. The bribe helped prevent an international investigation into Burisma and various members of its board, including Hunter Biden.

Smirnov allegedly lied about Hunter Biden and his father’s direct involvement in the bribery scheme, which federal authorities claim is an attempt to manipulate future United States elections. Smirnov first discussed the allegations against the Biden family with FBI agents in 2020, and his claims became the basis for an ongoing investigation into the Biden family unfolding in the House of Representatives. Smirnov’s statements could now be considered false, but the narrative against the Biden family has dominated conservative media for months and may affect the 2024 election outcome for President Biden.

Although Smirnov received an early release from jail, authorities believe the accused liar could flee the country due to his alleged ties to foreign intelligence officials. Smirnov may argue against the detainment and achieve an early release once again, but it seems unlikely, given prosecutors’ concerns about his ability to flee the country. Smirnov’s attorneys announced they would seek his release but denied commenting about the status of his legal case or the allegations against the FBI informant. If convicted of lying to the FBI, Smirnov could spend more than 20 years in federal prison.

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