FBI Says A Smuggling Network Tied To ISIS Is Transporting Migrants Across The Southern Border

(NationalUSNews.com) — According to Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, one of the smuggling networks transporting illegal immigrants into the United States shares connections with the militant extremist group known as ISIS. Wray revealed the alarming connection between immigration and international terrorist cells during an appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee and confirmed the FBI had already begun taking active steps to limit the network’s access to the United States.

Wray said the FBI has significant concerns about the smuggling network and couldn’t reveal much information about the connection in an open forum. However, he mentioned that the FBI had enlisted other federal agencies to assist in the investigation. During the session with the Senate Intelligence Committee, Wray said that the smuggling network had already helped dangerous people enter the United States, including members of various gangs from Central America.

According to Wray, the smuggling network is partially responsible for the growing violent crime rate among illegal immigrants within the United States. Wray said the increase in violent gang-related incidents and the ongoing surge of fentanyl throughout the United States drug trade are both directly related to the terrorist-connected smugglers. While discussing the problematic smuggling network, Wray acknowledged that the FBI alone has detained individuals with enough fentanyl to kill more than 200 million American citizens.

When asked about the potential cause for the terrorist-related smuggling network to provide more support to dangerous individuals, Wray said the United States began experiencing a higher violent crime rate amongst illegal immigrants after the Israel-Hamas war began. Due to the growing violence within the country, Wray confirmed the FBI is acting with more diligence when examining threats that could share ties with extremists overseas. Wray also said the agency examines potential domestic terrorist threats with extra attention as well.

To assure lawmakers, Wray mentioned a joint effort between the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, allowing both agencies to collaborate to monitor potential threats entering the United States. Despite the increased effort from federal investigators, almost two million illegal immigrants have successfully evaded border officials and entered the United States. According to Wray, the United States should reexamine its national security policies before a potential threat causes harm to its citizens.

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