Fetterman Returns to Senate in Casual Attire, Chairs Subcommittee

(NationalUSNews.com) – After treatment in Walter Reed Medical Center for two months, Democratic Senator John Fetterman has returned to his seat in the United States Senate. Fetterman was diagnosed with clinical depression, but reports he is now in remission and ready to work.

It is Fetterman’s choice of attire, rather than his recovery, that is at the helm of the headlines. “Casual Friday” was too much for the occasion, so Fetterman appeared in a hoodie, athletic shoes and shorts.

As a freshman senator, Fetterman holds the unusual responsibility of leading a Senate Subcommittee. He is the Chair of the Subcommittee on Food and Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Organics and Research, an entity under the umbrella of the Agriculture Committee.

Returning to his seat in time to conduct the hearings, Fetterman will discuss and attempt to protect SNAP benefits for families in need. He also claims to have met with farmers and taken farm tours in an effort to understand farming interests for Subcommittee purposes.

Republicans do not intend to eliminate the SNAP program, but they would like to see stricter requirements for workers in order to qualify. Democrats, so far, have disagreed.

In order to win the SNAP requirements issue, the GOP has offered to do a little back scratching and join forces with Democrats who want to raise the debt ceiling… still, no dice from the Democrats.

Fetterman touts himself as someone who relates to blue collar workers, who can be a voice for the average American citizen; hence, his ultra casual clothing in returning to his office. His doubters disagree, referring to his privileged upbringing and wealthy parents who financially supported him well into his professional life.

Fetterman’s access to medical care is considerably above what most Americans can afford. He has not been able to carry out governmental duties, but his seat has been saved. His future medical needs are uncertain, but he is back to work for now.

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