(NationalUSNews.com) — Controversial Senator John Fetterman is making national headlines again due to his claims that America isn’t sending its “best and brightest” to serve in the United States Congress. According to Fetterman, the average American couldn’t believe the type of people they’ve elected to determine policy across the United States.

Fetterman’s questionable comments immediately prompted criticism from American voters, who felt he was talking about himself and other Democratic candidates. Fetterman was likely referring to Republican lawmakers, as the Pennsylvania Senator regularly criticizes Republicans like Donald Trump. Still, his comments come during a Democratic majority in the Senate and many national issues.

The United States is in a precarious position, with rising interest rates and a record-breaking national debt, all of which originated from policies backed by President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Senate. Fetterman’s comments immediately brought criticism for the abovementioned reasons, as many feel the Democratic Party is responsible for the decline in America’s overall performance.

Fetterman regularly made national headlines for his controversial comments and drew heavy criticism from other lawmakers when Senator Chuck Schumer loosened the dress code on his behalf. Fetterman is infamous for his casual clothing, as the senator is often seen in gym shorts or hoodies while speaking to press members. Following the loosening of the dress code, Republicans spoke out against Fetterman for “lowering the bar.” After a few days, the dress code was reinstated to avoid further controversy.

Another controversy stemmed from the fact that it only applied to lawmakers, as lawmakers didn’t permit aides and secretaries to dress casually despite the lack of a dress code. However, the dress code controversy isn’t the main reason Fetterman receives heavy scrutiny from online audiences, as citizens and officials regularly question the senator’s mental state.

Following being elected, Fetterman spent a month out of work during a now infamous mental health crisis. Fetterman suffers from depression and spent time in a hospital during his first six months in office. Despite his claims that he’s since recovered, Fetterman remains candid about his experience with mental health and makes controversial statements regarding his mental state. Fetterman said, “I don’t even like me, that’s the truth,” when questioned about his mental health crisis. Many believe that Fetterman isn’t constitutionally prepared to maintain office due to his ongoing battle with depression. Still, others regularly defend him for remaining candid about a growing mental health problem.

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