Fetterman Under Fire for Making Fun of Video of a Mental Breakdown

(NationalUSNews.com) — Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is facing heavy backlash for posting an edited version of a recent viral video in which a woman is seen in intense emotional distress and screaming on an airplane. The video became extremely popular and is being played repeatedly on various social media platforms.

In the video, the woman involved is screaming at another passenger on an airplane, claiming the other passenger “was not real.” The woman involved recently released a statement discussing the video and claiming it was her “worst moment.”

Fetterman posted an edited video that focused on Dave McCormick, a former CEO from Pennsylvania preparing for a senatorial run within the state. The edited video posted by Fetterman links to an article about McCormick and claims that McCormick isn’t a Pennsylvanian, referencing the distressed woman’s claims that another passenger wasn’t an actual person. Fetterman is facing heavy criticism for his post, as just months ago, the controversial senator publicly discussed his ongoing mental health battle with depression following his near-fatal stroke last year. Fetterman regularly addressed the importance of mental health awareness, but his post essentially mocks a woman who faced a mental health battle like Fetterman did.

Fetterman remains open about his leave of absence from the Senate, which he blames on depression and recovering from his stroke. Fetterman even spoke to Time magazine about 2022, a year that provided many challenges for the senator. Throughout 2022, Fetterman almost died on two separate occasions and became a controversial senator following his stroke. Throughout his recovery, many claimed that Fetterman should retire from the Senate, as he can be seen regularly stuttering or saying incorrect words with no self-awareness. Despite the calls for resignation, Fetterman remains in office and seemingly ignores other citizens’ mental health crises, just months after surviving his own.

According to a poll from Morning Consult, Fetterman ranks as one of the Senate’s least popular senators. According to the survey, 43% of voters disapprove of Fetterman’s performance as a senator, and he ranks in the lowest seven freshman senators in popularity. Despite his lack of popularity, Fetterman remains a popular Democratic Party member and regularly campaigns for President Biden’s administration.

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