Florida Man Discovers That He Is Not A Citizen Despite Living There All His Life

(NationalUSNews.com) — A 66-year-old Florida resident recently attempted to receive his Social Security payments following his retirement. After doing so, he learned he wasn’t technically an American citizen despite living in the United States for over six decades.

According to 66-year-old Jimmy Klass from Clearwater, Florida, he received all the benefits of American citizenship until he attempted to obtain his retirement benefits in 2020. Upon requesting his Social Security payments, Klass claims the United States government informed him that he wasn’t a legal United States citizen and was thus ineligible for Social Security payments.

Klass said he doesn’t understand how he didn’t qualify for Social Security, as he’s lived in the United States for approximately 64 years without anyone informing him of his non-citizen status. Klass received a Social Security card, registered to vote, and had a valid United States driver’s license throughout most of his time in the United States, all of which led the 66-year-old to believe he was a legal United States citizen. Klass even received benefits from Medicare before his retirement, further confusing the Florida man about his citizenship status. Despite Klass’ lengthy history in the United States and the various benefits he received, Social Security cited his birth country as the reasoning behind his lack of United States citizenship.

Klass’ mother was a Canadian citizen who gave birth to Klass before entering the United States with his father, an American from Brooklyn, New York. Once Klass turned two years old, his parents decided to move back to the United States, ultimately settling down in Long Island. Klass then lived in the United States as an American citizen, even receiving permission to join the United States Marine Corps, before settling down and having a family. Klass says that he never encountered any issues relating to his citizenship status until Social Security highlighted his failure to prove he was a United States citizen.

Klass initially discovered his disputed citizenship status when he attempted to retire in 2020. When he requested his Social Security benefits, officials informed him that he was eligible and would receive his first check in January 2020. Weeks later, Klass learned his benefits were frozen as he wasn’t a legal United States citizen. Due to his disputed citizenship, Klass eventually had to reenter the workforce, and he is currently engaged in a legal battle for his Social Security payments. Klass’ attorneys claim that the 66-year-old Florida resident has satisfied the requirements for United States citizenship and is thus entitled to his Social Security benefits.

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