Former DOD Employee Accused of Running a Dog Fighting Ring

( — Two men from Maryland face criminal charges for running a dog-fighting ring, one of whom was a top official at the Department of Defense. According to the Department of Justice, Frederick Douglass Moorefield helped run dog fights that included executions of the dogs that didn’t win their fights.

Moorefield was formerly the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Command, Control, and Communications at the Department of Defense and is a long-time employee. According to authorities, Moorefield facilitated and advertised dog fights for over 20 years.

Authorities rescued over ten dogs from the ring and discovered veterinary steroids and electrical cables used to kill the dogs involved in the fights. The Department of Defense responded to the allegations against Moorefield by claiming the official no longer works with the government but didn’t establish when Moorefield’s employment ended.

According to the criminal affidavit, the two men charged with operating the fighting ring used encrypted messages to plan the fights, share tips on training dogs, and avoid detection by the authorities.

The messages uncovered by the authorities involve citizens from different parts of the country and indicate a more significant national dog-fighting movement. The messages also involved bets between the various members, including Moorefield, who offered to bet $1,000 on fights between his and other members’ dogs. Moorefield had worked with the government since 1989 and served in the Air Force before working with the Pentagon. Despite Moorefield’s involvement, no other official within the Department of Defense seems to be involved with Moorefield’s dogfighting ring.

Officers uncovered the dogfighting ring after executing a search warrant on Moorefield’s Maryland home. Despite the allegations against Moorefield, he isn’t currently in custody and will remain free unless a jury finds him guilty or he takes a plea. Moorefield isn’t commenting about the alleged dogfighting ring at this time. Moorefield’s arrest will likely lead to others, given his connection to other dogfighting rings around the country. Authorities aren’t confirming if other arrests are coming, but the encrypted messages will likely fuel further investigative efforts for authorities.

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